The Line of Calamity

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love My Life.

Imaginary Reading

Books that Blue van Meer read, but we will never be able to so as they have not been written in the Real World:

Step-by-Step Manual for Crafting Your Magnum Opus (Lint, Steggertt, Cue, 1993) [ch.4]

Thugs, Midges, Big Ears and Dentures: A Real Profile of Hollywood’s Leading Men (Rivette, 1981) [ch.5]

Other Voices, 32 Rooms: My Life as L.B. Mayer’s Maid (Hart, 1961) [ch.5]

Christ, It’s Been Done Before: Celluloid Jesus from 1912-1988, Why Hollywood Should Cease Committing the Son of God to Screen (Hatcher, 1989) [ch.5]

Schubert Koenig Bonheoffer  “My Darling” [ch.8]

Forget About El Morocco: The Xanadu of the New York Elite, the Stork Club, 1929-1965, Riser, 1981) [ch.8]

C. Allen Shame Culture and the Shadow World (1993) [ch.10]

Somewhere Between Puritans and Brazil: How to Have a Healthy Sexuality (Mier, 1990) [ch.10]

Paul D. Russell What You Don’t Know About White Slavery (1996) [ch.10]

Alejandro Penzance  Poor and Decayed Male Artist Born in England (1974) [ch.13]

Blackbird Singing in the Dead of Night: The Life of Charles Milles Manson (Ivys, 1985) [ch.14]

Carol Mahler Color Doves (1987) [ch.16]

Horace Lloyd Swithin Appointments, 1890-1901 (1902); State of Affairs: 1901-1903 (1902); Possessions, 1910 [1911]; Whereabouts, 1917 [1918] [ch.18]

Becker Das unglaubliche Leben der Wolfgang Becker ,  1953 [ch.21]

Nobunaga Kabayashi  How to Be a Shogun Assassin (1989) [ch.27]

How to Survive “The Farm”, Louisiana State Prison at Angola, Glibb, 1979 [ch.28]

Matthew Namode  Chokes Alone (1999) [ch.31]

The Last Uniform (1982)  [ch.31]

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