The Line of Calamity

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love My Life.

Reading Lists

Systematic approach will be of help in pursuing an aim of deconstructing Blue van Meer. Therefore, I set up 4 Reading Lists, under which I will file the references found in the text.

Required Reading - Books from the Curriculum that Blue van Meer drafted. The list of them could be found in the Table of Contents of "Special Topics in Calamity Physics". Except for one (chapter #30), all the books are real and easily located.  This list was already compiled by Marisha Pessl (see Core Curriculum pp.vii-ix), so  look at the sidebar: here they are rotating prettily in an amazon widget.

Authentic Reading - Books that Blue van Meer read and we might  as well, because the do exist.

Imaginary Reading - Books that  Blue van Meer  read, but we will never be able to so as they have not been written in the Real World.

Additional Reading -  Books that I read while thinking of what makes a Blue van Meer.

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